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REAL GHOST SEX (Paranormal Footage Caught on Camera)

DIRK (Dirk's Pack Book 2)

DIRK (Dirk’s Pack Book 2)

Dirk doesn’t let anyone get close, especially women. He has a responsibility to his pack;keep them safe, healthy and happy, even at the expense of his own happiness. Only original members of the pack remember the old Dirk, the happy Dirk. Having lost his mate and child, he’s a shell of who he used to be and has been grumpy and bitter since it happened.When a neighboring pack leader’s daughter call…

Luca's Pup (Dirk's Pack Book 6)

Luca’s Pup (Dirk’s Pack Book 6)

Melissa’s baby is the first shifter/human baby to be born to the pack. The midwives don’t know whether she’s having a boy, or a girl – and whether or not it will be a shifter!Melissa has come a long way since her near death experience out in the wilderness. Long gone are her days of college parties, studying, and feeling incomplete. She’s been mated to Beta Luca since he ‘turned her’ in a fit of p…

A Wolf Christmas (Dirk's Pack Book 4)

A Wolf Christmas (Dirk’s Pack Book 4)

Justin wasn’t looking for a mate, but he was bribed with gingersnap cookies to stay and keep Melissa’s cousin company.Lucy has a big secret, and it’s why she’d avoided her cousin for the last few years, but has decided to visit for Christmas. Melissa has missed her cousin and has decided to see if she can set her up with one of her pack mates, and this may entice her to stay around for a while. Wh…

Strange Sex Stories: My Dildo is Haunted (Paranormal Erotica, Erotic Humor)

Strange Sex Stories: My Dildo is Haunted (Paranormal Erotica, Erotic Humor)

Summary:Sexually-frustrated Hanna hasn’t been able to get any proper release for months. Even her own fingers have left her disappointed. Bereft of a real toe-scrunching, hair-curling experience, she’s tried every trick she can imagine. None have scratched that itch. When her latest toy arrives on her doorstep things start to change, but in a way Hanna could never expect!Trapped by the ghostly ene…

Boffy The Dick Slayer: Boffy's Magic Dildo

Boffy The Dick Slayer: Boffy’s Magic Dildo

Boffy is given a magic dildo that will help her in the Days of the Dick. Completely confused she returns home with the dildo, places it as a thing to worship and finds herself in the grasp of an entity that is attacking every erogenous area in her body.SAMPLEFinding the bronzed dildo in that second hand shop happened quite by accident that Saturday afternoon. Boffy Bimbomere and her best friend Al…

Objects of Desire: The Parasitic Dildo

Objects of Desire: The Parasitic Dildo

Stephanie and Chelsea are eager to start the last (and best) sleepover ever! It’s not long before the two best friends are playing lingerie dress-up and find something else in the closet. This sinister toy wants to play, too. Warning! This 3000 word story contains hot explicit lesbian penetrative sex with a paranormal live dildo!…

Hist Myst:true Stry Rasputin

Hist Myst:true Stry Rasputin


A Siberian peasant rises to power in Czarist Russia, becomes the close confidante and reputed lover of Empress Alexandra, scandalizes the country with his drinking and womanizing, and after being poisoned, shot several times, and submerged in the Neva River’s freezing waters, finally dies from drowning! We reveal the truth about the rise of the “Mad Monk” with the hypnotic gaze, using information …

The Best of Discovery (4-DVD Set): Planet Earth: The Filmmaker’s Story ~ Deadliest Catch ~ Man vs. Wild ~ Unfolding Universe

The Best of Discovery (4-DVD Set): Planet Earth: The Filmmaker’s Story ~ Deadliest Catch ~ Man vs. Wild ~ Unfolding Universe


***PLANET EARTH: THE FILMMAKER’S STORY ~ Discover what it takes to make the ultimate portrait of our planet as we go behind the scenes of Planet Earth. Learn how filmmakers create powerful sequences that have never been filmed and scenes that capture the elemental wonder and drama of our world. ***DEADLIEST CATCH (SEASON 3) ~ Forty-foot waves, freezing temperatures and a nearly 100-percent injury …
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