Paranormal Chat Rooms

By , April 10, 2014 7:49 am

Copy of Live Paranormal Radio Shows & Chat Rooms (How to) Tutorial



Cole’s cheated before. If you think death releases you from broken promises, think again.First the past enters the present by facing Grace. Then Ruth returns to Cole. It’s really hard to cheat when your dead ex keeps showing up to ruin the party.How far would you go for revenge?(Short Story)…

'The Crack' & 'Dancing with Dev Eleven'

‘The Crack’ & ‘Dancing with Dev Eleven’

Two short stories on a similar theme. One man, one woman, ensnared by evil that is either within them or, perhaps, from somewhere else? I’ll let you decide.The idea of the Crack came from a strange experience of my own, which is entirely true. I used to work nights as an engineer in The Post Office in Liverpool. Often, when driving home tired after a long shift, I would experience a loud exp…

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