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Paranormal Activity Story Explained in 3 Minutes

Age of Enigma: The Sixth Ghost - PC

Age of Enigma: The Sixth Ghost – PC


Discover the world of Enigma…THE DEAD HAUNT THE LIVING! Paranormal activity and numerous freakish events stalk the land and terrorize the population. Seemingly, the dead haunt the living and take possession of their homes… In 1947, small-town girl Ashley Reeves discovers she has a talent to connect with the supernatural. She dreams about a child who’s being held captive in an old mansion. U…

Age of Enigma: The Sixth Sense [Download]

Age of Enigma: The Sixth Sense [Download]


Age of EnigmaThe story is set in an alternate universe 1947, where paranormal activity has become commonplace, terrorizing mankind and forcing governments to adopt aggressive methods of control, from flying surveillance zeppelins to cities that restrict all ties to the past. A group of mediums oppose this oppressive regime, and are attempting to discover the cause of these surreal events. One such…

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point - PC

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point – PC


As an elite soldier called in to deal with paranormal activity surrounding Armacham headquarters, you came to realize this crisis was one that could not be contained. Once the hunter now the hunted, your new mission is simple…escape. The Replicas are no longer your only nemeses, as powerful supernatural entities are wreaking havoc on everything and anything that crosses their path. You are trapp…
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